In March my friend Brett Foster and I spent a few days in London (joined briefly by actor, director, theatrical impresario, and boon companion Mark Lewis) and, in Heathrow awaiting our return flight, decided that it would be fun to write a series of letters about our experience. John Wilson of Books & Culture was game to run them, so here they are: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, and Six. (I’m odd, Brett even.)

This was great fun to do, and both Brett and I would love to be able to find another venue for these essayistic epistolary exchanges. I may know London a little better than Brett does, but he has spent much time in Rome and knows it very well, so wouldn’t some letters featuring the young expert and the elderly novice be illuminating and entertaining? John, what do you say? Surely B&C has an enormous travel budget for its writers. . . .

Here’s one of Brett’s poems from a few years ago; here’s a newer one. Mark leads, guides, and directs the consistently excellent Arena Theater.