Some years ago Cullen Murphy, then editor of The Atlantic, told me in an email exchange that in his view John Wilson is one of the best editors around. And I’ve heard this from some other eminent authorities as well. In case you don’t know, John edits Books and Culture, which is subtitled “A Christian Review” — but if you haven’t read the magazine, you might be misled by that. B&C is indeed shaped by Christian belief, but key to that belief is the conviction that the world God has made is endlessly interesting in all sorts of ways, and that all sorts of people can help us to understand it better. So while the magazine does feature narrow-minded, blinkered, provincial evangelicals like yours truly — and incredibly learned Christian scholars like Mark Noll — and gifted Christian writers like Lauren Winner — it also features writers you are likely to find in some of America’s most distinguished periodicals. The issue that arrived on my doorstep yesterday, for instance, features articles by Alan Wolfe and John McWhorter. I don’t think there’s a better magazine in America.

Like many magazines today, B&C ain’t rolling in dough, and could really use your financial support. A subscription would be nice, but you can also make a gift contribution here. Please consider doing so.
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December 23, 2009