Folks, it’s good to be back. Let me just draw your attention to a few things I posted and/or published while I was away from here: Here’s a description of a new (online only) writing assignment I’m trying out in my classes this term. I’ll give a report on the success, or failure, of the experiment in a near-future post. Something else worthy of further commentary is this quotation from Charles Taylor on the endless war between code fetishists and antinomians. Here are a few words on my writing “workflow,” as the kids say today. Why I doubt that the humanities can be defended. My skepticism about a commonplace trope on the rate of social change. Can the computational humanities demonstrate critical tact? My thoughts on Nicholas Carr’s The Glass Cage. It’s behind a paywall, but maybe the first few paragraphs of my review of a new edition of Italo Calvino’s Cosmicomics will be worthwhile.

Text Patterns

March 20, 2015