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| February 20, 2017

from Disneyism to Onlyism

Yuval Harari: Recently I went with my nephew to hunt Pokémon. We were walking down the street and a bunch of kids...

| March 5, 2014

faith and (in) AI

Freddie deBoer: Now people have a variety of ways to dismiss these issues. For example, there’s the notion of...

| May 7, 2010

neuro, cogno, evo, devo

My New Atlantis colleague Ari Schulman has already called our attention to the neuro lit crit debate. All of the...

| August 19, 2009

nonsense and neuroscience

This story has been around for a while, but it’s a New Atlantis kind of thing — cf. Ari Schulman’s fine essay on...

| May 27, 2009

the dangers of focus?

Sam Anderson’s argument that “unwavering focus . . . can actually be just as problematic as ADHD” is...

| May 26, 2009

quote of the day

“The Internet is basically a Skinner box engineered to tap right into our deepest mechanisms of addiction.”...