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| April 28, 2015

the story of everything

A does something to B. (Maybe A shoots B; maybe A refuses to bake a cake for B. It doesn’t signify.) Social media...

| April 6, 2015

Morozov on Carr

Evgeny Morozov is probably not really “Evgeny Morozov,” but he plays him on the internet and has been doing so for...

| September 16, 2014


When I returned from the physical shock of Nagasaki, which I have described in the first page of this book, I tried to...

| August 14, 2014

first-person shooter

A few nights ago at the movies I saw a trailer for the last installment of The Hobbit, and caught a brief glimpse of a...

| January 30, 2011


As I mentioned the other day, the Shirky/Doctorow thesis is that the internet in general and social media in particular...