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| March 31, 2010

the World Brain

Quotes and links at least I can do. The whole human memory can be, and probably in a short time will be, made...

| January 6, 2010

suspiciously wiki

Wonderful post by Tim Carmody over at Snarkmarket about what I think of as a useful new word — or a new use of an...

| August 5, 2009

an assignment

In relation to my earlier post on academic genres, here’s an assignment that I’ve been thinking about...

| January 25, 2009

addendum on Nicholas Carr

Regarding the post just below: Carr refers to Wikipedia as “a single source of information” — but is it?...

| December 21, 2008


Writing below about the now-defunct web services Stikkit and I Want Sandy, I remarked that, as far as I could tell,...