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Cheryl Miller discusses her new article about infertility patients who have turned to blogs for medical advice and emotional support.


Monday, May 19, 2008

Dignity Deathmatch, Round Two 

It's time for round two of the "dignity debate." The latest:

  • BioEdge says Pinker is "no philosopher."
  • Stuart Rennie asks if autonomy is in any "better conceptual shape" than dignity.
  • Noah Millman gives "one cheer for Pinker even if he is being a jerk." (See too the interesting comment thread.)
  • Alan Jacobs has some fun with Pinker's notion that the sciences and the humanities, "like Harry Potter and Lord Voldemort,...are predestined to eternal enmity: one of them must destroy the other."

posted by Cheryl Miller | 8:48 am
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