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From our Winter 2008 issue

Cheryl Miller discusses her new article about infertility patients who have turned to blogs for medical advice and emotional support.


Monday, April 14, 2008

On Other Blogs 

This Edition: pregnant men and male birth control, the ethics of egg donation, art and infertility

Tyler Cowen and Megan McArdle think the male birth control pill won’t be so popular.

William Saletan congratulates Pulitzer Prize winner Amy Harmon of the New York Times. Check out her coverage, "The DNA Age," here.

Infertility blogger Melissa (and one of my recent subjects) is named a top mommy blogger by the Wall Street Journal.

Art critic Laura Cumming on art and infertility (via Gabrielle).

Bioethicist Linda MacDonald Glenn asks how far reproductive autonomy goes.

Wesley Smith thinks the "pregnant man" story is no big deal.

Egg donation: Jennifer Lahl and Michele Clark say it's all about the money.

Reason's Kerry Howley: I too am a victim of human trafficking.

Maurice Bernstein looks at the risks and challenges involved in getting eggs for stem cell research.

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