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Cheryl Miller discusses her new article about infertility patients who have turned to blogs for medical advice and emotional support.


Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Two Takes on Living With Infertility 

Melissa at Stirrup Queens has two great posts up. The first is about Jenna Nadeau Currier's infertility memoir, The Empty Picture Frame. (Read more about Jenna in my article, "Blogging Infertility.") Here's Melissa discussing Jenna's idea of  parenthood as a "calling":

I felt strongly drawn to the idea of parenthood and I wanted to experience it very badly. I was willing to try multiple paths to get there. I made life choices/career choices based on the idea of motherhood and what type of mother I wanted to be. I'm lucky that this worked out for me because I made a lot of choices that I probably would have regretted since I gambled making them.

The second post is an interview with Kim Hahn, CEO of Conceive magazine:

Melissa: You are the founder and CEO of Conceive magazine. What gave you the idea to start the magazine?

Kim: While my husband and I were trying to start our family, I was frustrated by the lack of positive, consumer-friendly information about fertility. Specifically, I longed for a magazine as beautiful, upbeat, and informative as the many pregnancy and parenting magazines on the market. I saw a hole in the market for women trying to conceive. There are magazines for brides, pregnancy, and parenting, but there was a gap between the bridal and pregnancy magazines.

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