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New Atlantis Contributing Editor James C. Capretta is an expert on health care and entitlement policy, with years of experience in both the executive and legislative branches of government. E-mail: jcapretta@aei.org.


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Friday, May 22, 2009


The most recent issue of National Review magazine is devoted to health-care issues and the reform debate. There are pieces by Regina Herzlinger on why sensible reform is necessary; John Goodman on the failures of socialized systems; and Michael Cannon on why the Democratic reforms plans won't work. A full listing of the issue's contents is available here (a subscription is needed to gain access to most of these pieces through this link).

In addition, the issue includes a piece by yours truly: "Prescription: A politically salable approach to market-based reform." In this article, I argue that conservatives need to pursue market-based solutions in health-care in stages, in part because there are tens of millions of happily insured Americans who are wary of reforms that might disrupt the plans they are in today. These voters will be pivotal to the outcome of this year's debate.

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