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New Atlantis Contributing Editor James C. Capretta is an expert on health care and entitlement policy, with years of experience in both the executive and legislative branches of government. E-mail: jcapretta@aei.org.


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Friday, May 22, 2009

Reasons to Be Skeptical 

Last week, I was interviewed for two segments of NRO-TV's "Off the Page."

The first segment, available here, is focused on the health industry's pledge to cut $2 trillion from health spending over the coming decade — and my deep skepticism that they actually have the power to do any such thing.

In the second segment, available here, the subject is the happily insured — those Americans who support reform but don't want to switch out of their current coverage arrangements. I argue that conservatives need to be attentive to their wishes so that they can be enlisted to oppose the worst elements of an Obama-style reform plan.

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