Note to self: Never doubt Yuval Levin (a TNA senior editor). Medical experts are weighing in on the Aliza Shvarts controversy, and are saying it’s a hoax:

“The most likely scenario,” said Dr. Edward Funai, associate professor of obstetrics and gynecology and chief of obstetrics at Yale-New Haven Hospital, “is that all Shvarts was seeing every month was her own menstrual blood. Half of the Yale community sees art of similar quality when taking care of their monthly hygiene.”

Not having children is not an option for single moms by choice:

After using an anonymous sperm donor, Akin gave birth to son Matthew when she was 38 and daughter Claire when she was 40. To her surprise, everyone – from her family in Michigan to her friends to her patients – seemed to take her decision in stride.

Now, she sometimes likes to surprise strangers when they comment on her children, 7 and 5.

“I’ll be in a department store and some stranger will say something like, ‘Boy, your kids look just like you.’ And I’ll say, ‘Well good, because I don’t know what the father looks like,’ ” she says with a laugh.

The Harvard Courant reviews Baby Mama and finds that surrogacy is “fertile ground for fiction”:

[T]hese aren’t your made-for-TV, beleaguered surrogate mother stories. Fey’s comedy aside, the new crop strips off the freakish veneer of yesteryear, examining with humor and sensitivity the realities, awkwardness, decisions and surrogate-parent bonding that goes into contracting out a woman’s womb.