The New York Times has a story today about how to cope in a “fertile” world. It focuses on Pamela Tsigdinos, one of the bloggers who I interviewed for this piece. There’s also a great feature, “The Voices of Infertility,” which includes video clips of women (where are the men?) talking about their experiences. Take a look!

After her years of focusing on becoming pregnant, Mrs. Tsigdinos’s passion is now connecting with other women in her situation. She writes about the everyday things that remind her of her childlessness, but also of what she had to deal with along the way: how to know when to stop treatment, how to deal with prying friends and relatives, how to accept a life without the expected routine of children’s books, recitals and graduation ceremonies. The women and the few men who comment on her blog may not always agree with her choices, but they all sympathize and help her feel less alone.

UPDATE: In other news, blogger Matthew Miller has a new book out, Maybe Baby: Parenthood Is Only a Conception Away. You can read about it here and preorder it from Amazon here.