Still more on the “curious lives of surrogates.” From the NY Daily News:

[I]n real life, surrogacy is hardly a comedy, says Melissa Brisman, a New Jersey attorney who has helped more than a thousand couples through the process.

“Somebody who thinks it’s a good way to make money would probably drop out when they see how much work is involved” says Brisman.

Before a woman is hired as a gestational carrier, she is subject to home visits to assess her suitability. After she is hired, she undergoes more than 90 injections to prime her uterus for in vitro fertilization.

Former surrogate and blogger Tina discusses the hard choices intended parents and surrogates must make.

Surrogacy is a hot topic in Japan, too:

A young woman cradles her baby boy, born from a surrogate mother, and describes how she stuffed fabric in her clothes to fake pregnancy so her neighbours would not know, a sign of the stigma surrounding surrogacy in Japan.

The woman’s own mother bore the baby for her daughter, who was unable to bear children of her own because she had no uterus.

“The doctors said she should train for a profession, be a career woman and not think about marriage,” the woman’s mother, her face hidden, tells a TV programme on surrogacy.