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Health Care


Toward a More Human Medicine

Spring 2017Aaron Rothstein on doctors, parts, and persons

Biomedicine and Its Cultural Authority

Winter 2016

Joseph E. Davis on the origins of our “health society” and why holistic medicine doesn’t catch on

A Feeling for Pain

Spring 2014Ronald W. Dworkin on the trouble with scientific explanations in anesthesiology

Character Formation and the Origins of AA

Winter/Spring 2013Lewis M. Andrews on the forgotten legacy of early American college presidents

Doctors Within Borders

Fall 2012Caitrin Nicol revisits Anne Fadiman’s tale of two cultures and the life of Lia Lee

Putting Health in Perspective

Summer 2012Yuval Levin on how prioritizing health shapes our politics

Health Food and the Double Helix

The Promise of Nutrigenomics

Summer 2011Whitney K. Franz

Doctors Go Digital

How Information Technology Is Changing American Health Care

Summer 2011Jeffrey C. Rowe

The Future of Health Care

Spring 2010

A Regrettable Reform

Fixing Obamacare’s Worst Policies

Spring 2010David Gratzer