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Health Care


A Regrettable Reform

Fixing Obamacare’s Worst Policies

Spring 2010David Gratzer

Socialism and Cancer

Winter 2009David Gratzer on how government ruins medicine

The Stakes in the Health Care Fight

Spring 2009

The Road to Rationing

How ‘Medicare Plus’ Will Destroy Private Insurance

Spring 2009Paul Howard and David Gratzer

AIDS Relief and Moral Myopia

Spring 2009Travis Kavulla on African culture and the public health community

Health Care with a Conscience

Fall 2008James C. Capretta on protecting Catholic hospitals

Fixing American Health Care

Fall 2008Joseph V. Kennedy on cost, quality, and competition

The Clipboard of the Future

Why Health Care Records Are So Low-Tech

Winter 2008James C. Capretta

What’s Ailing Health Care?

Spring 2007James C. Capretta on markets, medicine, and the limits of government

Conservatives, Liberals, and Medical Progress

Fall 2005Daniel Callahan on politics, death, and the future of modern medicine