. . . aren’t we debating all kinds of really fascinating things these days? In that sense, and in many others, it’s a great time to be alive. As someone who grew up torn between an interest in science — throughout my childhood I was sure I would grow up to be an astronomer and when I started college I was still pretty sure that was my path — and a love of stories and poems, I am especially excited by all the ways the sciences and humanities are converging. Oh to be young again!


  1. I was supposed to be scientist too. (You haven't lived till you've seen a clear moonless sky hundreds of miles from the nearest light!)

    In the fourth grade, when I first read about The Renaissance Man, I had this dark tickle that I had missed my time.

    In my early 20s when I first really understood the Enlightenment, I though I had missed my time.

    But here we are, now; and a prosperous gentleman can be interested in whatever captures his fancy, and with a well written note, he can be conversing with geniuses in no time.

    It is a great time to be alive!

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