Sorry for the light posting, folks: I’ve been traveling and have come back to a world of work. Also, my old MacBook died, which means that until the shiny new MacBook Air just ordered arrives through the Byzantine channels of Wheaton’s purchasing system — they won’t let me drive four miles to the Apple Store and put it on my college credit card — I’ll be trying to post via the iPad, which doesn’t play perfectly nicely with Blogger’s CMS. So please bear with me.

Text Patterns

April 13, 2011


  1. Professor Jacobs –

    Have recently run across your blog and enjoy it. I've been introduced to your work through Mars Hill Audio and have read The Narnian and am progressing through your recent collection of essays in Wayfaring.

    I'm "planning" on attending Wheaton in the fall for a master's degree and hope to sneak in a class of yours at some point.

    Keep up the good work of keeping words alive!

  2. Daniel, I hope you enjoy Wheaton! I had the pleasure of taking Alan's History of Literary Criticism class at Wheaton, and I profited from it greatly.

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