Dear readers, in my ongoing and mostly futile attempt to simplify my life, I have put the kibosh on my tumblelog, or online commonplace book — it used to be mentioned in the bio to your right, but has just been ruthlessly excised. From now on the random quotations, photos, and links that once populated that site will populate this one. if it’s only a link, or a link that needs a very brief description, I’ll post it via the Text Patterns Twitter feed; otherwise it will show up on this very page. Now I will have fewer decisions to make. Whew.

I should add that when I post something without comment, tumblelog-style, that should not be taken as agreement or endorsement or anything else except this: it’s something that I find interesting, worth noticing, worth thinking about.


  1. This is troubling. I based my own blogging habits off of yours — a "main" blog and a quote-and-image littered Tumblr — all because you served as an excellent example. Now I don't know what to believe anymore.

  2. Dude, I can't handle the guilt trip you're layin' on me!

    Seriously, it's a great system, but I'm at a point where I must simplify.

  3. I seek not guilt, but guidance! And by "guidance" I mean "someone to rip off who's doing it right." I can't do like Andrew Sullivan, posting 300 times a day so that scattered quotes don't seem to overwhelm original content. That's what makes the Tumblr useful (–the miscellany *is* the blog. Combining that with my main blog will make my dearth of original posts seem all too apparent. I may not be able to rip you off on this one.

  4. Well, as I say, I love the system — I would stick with it if I could manage it. So my guidance would be, "Don't do as I do, do as I say."

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