Regular readers of this blog may remember a few months ago some posts revolving around 79 Theses on Technology that The Infernal Machine graciously published. I got some good feedback on those theses — some positive, some critical, all useful — which allowed me to deepen and extend my thinking, and to discern ways in which it needed to be deepened and extended still further.

So when Fred Appel at Princeton University Press, who commissioned and edited my biography of the Book of Common Prayer, asked if I might be interested in turning an expanded version of those theses into a short book, I jumped at the chance. And I’m working on that now.

But many of the ideas that I might normally be developing on this blog need to go into that book — which will probably mean a period of silence here, until the book is completed. (I keep reading things and thinking Hey, I want to write a post about that wait a minute I can’t write a post about that.)

After I have completed Short But As Yet Unnamed Book Of Theses On Technology, I hope to return to my much bigger book on Christian intellectuals and World War II — which has been on hiatus because I ran into some intractable organizational problems. But having taken a few months away from the project, I can already begin to see how I might resume and reconstruct it.

In the longer term, I hope to return to this space to develop my thoughts on the technological history of modernity — and perhaps turn those into a book as well.

Those are the plans, anyway. I may post here from time to time, but not very often until the Theses are done. Please wish me well!

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September 18, 2015


  1. I can't wait. Your 'attention' lens is working its way into my life and hopefully into those lives around me through conversation. In a graduate class we've been reading theology of work and leisure but much of it seems to fall short of the mark, at least in 2015, without attending to attention. I look forward to your book very much.

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