From the Guardian:

A 91-year-old woman from Stranraer in south-west Scotland is believed to be Britain's most prolific library book reader after staff at her local library realised she is on the brink of borrowing her 25,000th book. Louise Brown, who borrowed her first book from Castle Douglas library in 1946, now reads about 12 books every week – chiefly Mills & Boon romances, war stories and historical dramas – and has never had a fine for returning a book late. Janice Goldie, of Dumfries and Galloway Libraries, said: "The staff at Stanraer library think she is a remarkable lady and look forward to her weekly visits."


  1. Is she a good example?

    The day after I read this, I ran into a woman who frequents our local Wendy's, munching burgers and reading stacks of thrillers through long afternoons. She keeps a list of the thrillers she reads so she doesn't repeat. That day, she had the two newest, thick hardbacks just out, from the library.

    She had an anesthetic years ago. She says it affected her memory to the point she left her job and went on disability. Her husband didn't believe her disabilty and left her to raise two sons. Her father doesn't believe her, either.

    Why can she not just re-read the same thriller? How does she find satisfaction in an ending? Does she remember the story line?

    Is she an example to us all?

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