So, remember when I was saying that I might just re-read books for the rest of the year? Seemed like a good idea — but I had forgotten that I had pre-ordered Crazy U for my Kindle. And when it showed up I couldn’t help devouring it. Ah, well, some kind of road is paved with good intentions, I don’t remember exactly what kind. I’m not worried, though.It’s Spring Break around here, so I’m taking the rest of the week off from the blog, and will try to be as useless as possible. Though I do need to finish this big essay on the maddening Marshall McLuhan.When I get back, I’m going to be blogging my way through a book again — and yes, it’s a new book, one I haven’t read before. But I can’t resist this one: it’s James Gleick’s The Information: a History, a Theory, a Flood. You are all welcome to get started on it and read along with me.


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