Folks, I will be traveling for the next week and may not be able to post, so let me leave you with a few chewy nuggets of information:Kathleen Fitzpatrick has produced a really interesting online monograph on the future of scholarly publishing, Planned Obsolescence — a recursive scholarly project, that embodies its own subject.

Note also the upcoming special issue of Shakespeare Quarterly employing the same technologies. MediaCommons has great potential — I wouldn’t mind doing a book in that medium someday.

Here’s more evidence that reading changes the brain, and changes it in really good ways.

Financially challenged colleges are cutting classes, and sometimes whole departments, in physics, German, classics. . . .

On a more positive note, do, please, read Cathleen Schine’s story about being woefully ignorant of literature at age 26 . . . and then beginning a wonderful personal adventure of reading.

Good stuff!