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| August 13, 2011

fetishizing books?

Sarah Werner offers a thoughtful, informed take on some issues I’ve raised here in, well, thoughtless and...

| January 18, 2011

on the will to remember

Mandy Brown: A leaked slide suggests that Yahoo will shutdown Delicious. Gary Vaynerchuk announces that Cork’d will...

| March 18, 2010

stop it. just stop it.

I wish people would stop saying things like this: Books are changing from physical to virtual objects. . . . The...

| March 5, 2010


Folks, I will be traveling for the next week and may not be able to post, so let me leave you with a few chewy nuggets...

| March 3, 2010

a little more anxiety

It’s interesting to consider how the kind of work I’ve just been doing will change as more and more books assume...

| February 23, 2010


Jason Epstein writes, Digitization makes possible a world in which anyone can claim to be a publisher and anyone can...