Michael Chabon:

In the world of Legos, what I did discover is that my kids were taking these beautiful, gorgeous, incredibly restrictive predetermined Legos Star Wars play sets — and yeah, they really wanted it to be put together just the way the box showed it. I don’t think it occurred to them you’d want to do anything else with it. But inevitably, over time, the things kind of crumble and get destroyed and fall apart and then, once they do, the kids take all those pieces, and they create these bizarre, freak hybrids — of pirates and Indians and Star Wars and Spider-Man. Lego-things all getting mashed up together into this post-modern Lego stew. They figure out a way, despite the best efforts of corporate retail marketing.


  1. I firmly assert that Legos ar the best toy ever invented.

    When we were kids, my brothers and I got mostly pirate and space sets (this was before the branded sets, like Star Wars and Indiana Jones)

    It's amazing how technologically sophisticated our pirates became over time.

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