Fantastic rant this morning from Maciej Ceglowski, creator of the invaluable Pinboard, about this new service:

The chief reason I keep arguing with Ned O’Gorman about whether things can want — latest installment here — is that I think the blurring of lines between the agency of animals (especially people) and the agency of made objects contributes to just this kind of thing: if we can script the Internet of Things why not script people too? Once they’re scripted they want what they’ve been scripted to do. (Obviously O’Gorman doesn’t want to see that happen any more than I do: our debate is about the tendencies of terms, not about substantive ethical and political questions.)


  1. I'm not sure I see this new service as scriptable people so much as connecting piecework with laborers, much like Uber connects riders with drivers. It's part of a trend toward contracting and work-for-hire that relieves traditional employers of obligations to employees. There is plenty of blurring of lines between man and machine, anthropomorphizing the latter and reducing the former to cogs in depersonalized processes, but the example you cite probably isn't one of them.

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