Friends, I’ve been traveling the past few days — visiting family in Alabama, driving around in my daddy’s old pickup, eating at Chick-fil-a and Jim ‘n’ Nick’s — yeah, they’ve gotten kinda fancy and above their raisin’, what with slick websites and Twitter feeds and all, but they still serve darn good smoked meat — and I have now returned to a big pile of work. And then at the end of the week I’ll be headed to Texas for a few days to give a talk at Baylor on “The End of the Book and the Future of Reading.”

Ergo, posting will be light for a while — but take heart, interesting links will continue to appear on my tumblelog, and all those posts are accessible via the Twitter feed you will see to the right of this page. And I may post a sample passage or two from the upcoming lecture.

Text Patterns

January 18, 2010


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