James Joyce’s Ulysses is a great, great book — not a simple book, not a flawless book, not a book without pathologies, but a truly great book. It is one of my real privileges to be able to teach it every year. But if you’re feeling a bit intimidated by that forbidding masterpiece, maybe you could acquaint yourself with it by trying this wonderful work-in-progress, Ulysses Seen:

Also, you shouldn’t miss the ancient-by-web-standards but still fresh Robot Wisdom page on Ulysses, created by the legendarily weird Jorn Barger, who may have invented the weblog.


  1. Thanks for your kind comments, Alan. Please feel free to come and participate in the discussions on our reader's guide pages. One of your favorite things about Ulysses "Seen" is that the readers get to help shape it! The more participants, the richer the experience for everyone.

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