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| October 28, 2013

Apple’s design problem

An oft-quoted remark by Steve Jobs has been in my mind lately. It’s been cited in many different forms, and who knows...

| January 24, 2011

Apple without Steve

I don’t think Apple will be able to continue its string of glorious successes without Steve Jobs at the helm....

| May 31, 2010

The Mongoliad

Now here’s a really interesting idea — from Neal Stephenson and others — for a book . . . or rather an app . . ....

| February 1, 2010

tinkerer’s sunset

I think it’s really important to meditate on what Alex Payne says here: The iPhone can, to some extent, be forgiven...

| January 30, 2010

definitive iPad thoughts

John Gruber is one of my favorite tech commentators, but he’s not doing so well with the iPad. He has divided the...

| January 28, 2010

a quick iPad roundup

Gruber has the need for speed: Lastly, there’s the fact that the iPad is using a new CPU designed and made by Apple...