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| January 25, 2011

books owned and leased

Tim Spalding: We used to own our books. With most ebooks we own them in name, but effectively we lease them. As Jane...

| September 23, 2010

more futures for the book

Please watch this video about the future of the book. (I could embed it, but it would be too small.) Did you see it?...

| September 16, 2010

information, please!

Yes, the desk is made of books! (Via Survival of the Book.) (Not really the kind of survival we book-lovers want, but...

| September 10, 2010

defining books down

Hugh McGuire: “A book properly hooked into the Internet is a far more valuable collection of information than a...

| August 23, 2010


Gestures from João Machado on Vimeo. Via swissmiss (in the comments to an earlier post), what we do with our hands...

| August 16, 2010

infinite gestures

Yeah, I know everybody read Infinite Jest last summer, but I didn’t. I had a book to write. Also this summer. So...