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| October 13, 2014


Folks, things have been quiet around here for the past few days and will likely be quiet for the foreseeable future. I...

| February 25, 2014

light posting, fore and aft

Y’all haven’t heard much from me here lately, and that may not change in the near future. I am loving my new gig...

| December 26, 2013

a bit of review

Well, this has been quite a busy year for me, especially given my move from the suburbs of Chicago, where I lived for...

| December 18, 2013


Hey folks, I’ve decided to disable comments for this blog. I don’t get a great many comments here anyway,...

| August 16, 2011


This will be, I think, my last Text Patterns post. It’s been a great run, for me anyway, and I am immensely...

| May 24, 2011


Hey everyone, look at the awesome new banner my friend Brad Cathey of Highgate Cross made for the blog. Cool, is it...