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| January 9, 2017


Here’s a passage from my review of Adam Roberts’s edition of Coleridge’s Biographia Literaria: As the culmination...

| October 5, 2016

pronoun trouble

“Hah! That’s it! Hold it right there!” And then, knowledgeably, confidentially, to the audience: “Pronoun...

| August 3, 2016

word games

Ian Bogost reports on what some people think of as a big moment in the history of international capitalism: At the...

| May 4, 2010

computational thinking

Jeannette M. Wing describes “computational thinking” in this PDF: Consider these everyday examples: When your...

| July 30, 2009

he, she, they

I’ve come across a number of articles lately — here and here and here, for instance...

| May 22, 2009

the dyes from gas-tar

To John McWhorter's suggestion that we should start performing Shakespeare's plays in translation, D. H....