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| April 11, 2015

Carr on Piper on Jacobs

Here’s Nick Carr commenting on the recent dialogue at the Infernal Machine between me and Andrew Piper: It’s...

| April 6, 2015

Morozov on Carr

Evgeny Morozov is probably not really “Evgeny Morozov,” but he plays him on the internet and has been doing so for...

| November 18, 2013

Carr on automation

If you haven’t done so, you should read Nick Carr’s new essay in the Atlantic on the costs of automation....

| October 25, 2013

who quantifies the self?

The Quantified Self (QS) movement is comprised of people who use various recent technologies to accumulate detailed...

| August 31, 2013

the real enemy

Rebecca Solnit is right when she points to good things lost in a technological rush, lost by most and sought again by...