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| July 30, 2011

a theological interlude

Theology is very important to me: it’s central to my life and to much of my work, though I don’t say much...

| January 17, 2011

looking up the allusions

I want to agree with part of a recent post by Nick Carr and disagree with another part. Here’s the part I agree with:...

| June 28, 2010

this is dialogue?

library ad infinitum: Putting The Shallows into dialogue with Shirky’s Cognitive Surplus, the latter book seems...

| May 22, 2010

in the shallows

I will have more to say about all this at some later point, but for now let me refer you all to Russell Arben Fox’s...

| January 28, 2010

a quick iPad roundup

Gruber has the need for speed: Lastly, there’s the fact that the iPad is using a new CPU designed and made by Apple...