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| January 9, 2017

growth and form

In my previous post I explored some of the biological contexts of the idea of morphosis, form-changing, in Pynchon’s...

| November 30, 2016

the giant in the library

The technological history of modernity, as I conceive of it, is a story to be told in light of a theological...

| May 28, 2016


from the Life magazine archives Ray Monk’s biography of Robert Oppenheimer is a long but fascinating book. (Monk is...

| September 16, 2014


When I returned from the physical shock of Nagasaki, which I have described in the first page of this book, I tried to...

| May 5, 2014

real-life science heroes!

I recently stopped reading the much-acclaimed comic The Manhattan Projects largely because of its mindless violence —...