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| December 22, 2013

Twitter at its worst

(1) Dim-witted person tweets, or is reported to have said, something dim-witted. (2) Equally dim-witted people notice...

| September 14, 2013

Franz und Kraus

Most of what I have to say about Jonathan Franzen’s ridiculous essay in the Guardian is communicated by the image...

| September 6, 2013

my professor

On Twitter, my friend Matt Thomas has been retweeting students who tells us about their professors. (He’s just been...

| July 18, 2011

a lesson learned

One interesting thing I’ve learned during this visit to England is that my pleasure in using Twitter is directly...

| June 5, 2011

my D.C. visit, storified

In an earlier post I used Storify to present a Twitter conversation. But I’m a piker at storification in comparison...

| May 24, 2011

understanding the medium

Zeynep Tufekci has written a long, thoughtful, and worthy-of-contemplation post on Bill Keller’s recent rant against...