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Einsteinís Masterpiece

Fall 2015Michael W. Begun retraces the path to general relativity on the theory’s 100th anniversary

A Reductionist History of Humankind

Fall 2015John Sexton reviews Yuval Noah Harari’s Sapiens

Attention Deficit

Fall 2015Diana Schaub reviews Matthew B. Crawford’s book about an increasingly limited resource

Christianity and the Future of the Book

Fall 2011Alan Jacobs on scrolls, screens, and how technologies of reading shape theology

Shoot First, Get Copyright Later

Summer 2010

Keeping Books Safe

A Bad Law Threatens Our Past

Spring 2009Elizabeth Mullaney Nicol

Debating “Death with Dignity”; Obsolete Librarians

Winter 2009

People of the Screen

Fall 2008Christine Rosen tells a tale of two literacies

Paper and Pixel

The Web Takes Note of Books, Reference Books Discover the Web

Fall 2003