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Charles T. Rubin

Charles T. Rubin, a New Atlantis contributing editor, is professor emeritus of political science at Duquesne University and the author of Eclipse of Man: Human Extinction and the Meaning of Progress, published in 2014 by New Atlantis Books. He was also one of the authors of the now-retired New Atlantis blog Futurisms.

As professor of political science and the Marie-Clement Rodier, C.S.Sp., Endowed Chair at Duquesne University, Mr. Rubin taught courses in political philosophy and about the normative aspects of policymaking. His research and publications focused on emerging technologies, such as nanotechnology and artificial intelligence, and those who believe they will allow the redesign of humanity, and on the political theory of environmentalism and urban planning. He also writes on literature and politics.

In addition to Eclipse of Man, Mr. Rubin is the author of The Green Crusade: Rethinking the Roots of Environmentalism (1994) and editor of Conservation Reconsidered: Nature, Virtue and American Liberal Democracy (2000) both published by Rowman and Littlefield.

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