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| December 8, 2016

The Thing of the Year

For many Decembers now I have looked forward with great anticipation to John Wilson’s list of his favorite books...

| July 5, 2014

designing the Word

Bibliotecha is a remarkably successful new Kickstarter project for designing and printing a Bible made to be read, in...

| November 25, 2013

disrupting journalism!

(Nah, not really. Just wanted to try out that language for size.) But: I was talking with some people on Twitter this...

| November 19, 2013

books by design

I’ve been really taken by the images in this blog post on the recent resurrection of the cover-design style of the...

| September 27, 2013

learning with books!

So today on Twitter I asked: Best book on CSS for a n00b? — Alan Jacobs (@ayjay) September 27, 2013 I mainly got...

| August 13, 2011

fetishizing books?

Sarah Werner offers a thoughtful, informed take on some issues I’ve raised here in, well, thoughtless and...