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| September 29, 2010


“Fortune favors the connected mind.” — Steven Johnson, Where Good Ideas Come From. “City ideas,...

| May 24, 2010

altruistic oversharing

Steven Johnson writes: In our house, we have had health issues . . . that we have chosen not to bring to the public...

| April 29, 2010

commonplace copying

I’m not going to try to summarize this provocative talk by Steven Johnson — just go read it. I am also not going to...

| April 29, 2009

URLs for books

One small but, to me, significant point that Steven Johnson raises in his recent essay on e-reading is the increasingly...

| April 24, 2009


About ten years ago James O’Donnell published a provocative book called Avatars of the Word: from Papyrus to...

| March 19, 2009


One of the really cool things about the Internet is that if you wait long enough someone else will say all the things...