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| February 28, 2017

for pedagogical pluralism

Most of what I’m about to say here seems to me quite obvious, and I suspect many of my readers will agree. But if so,...

| January 4, 2017

those darn millennials?

Stories like this one by Frank Furedi are ubiquitous these days. It’s a refrain sung by many: Back in 2003, Neil Howe...

| September 5, 2015


No surprises here, of course, but when you ask people who teach creative writing in American universities what books...

| June 22, 2014

laptops of the Borg

What, yet another Borg-Complex argument for laptops in the classroom? Yeah. Another one. Laptops are not a “new,...

| July 14, 2011

the science of grading

A while back Jonathan Zittrain tweeted a suggestion about academic grading that I like, so I’m adapting it for my...