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Number 1 ~ Spring 2003


The New Politics of Technology


Ageless Bodies, Happy Souls

Biotechnology and the Pursuit of Perfection

Leon R. Kass on biotechnology and the pursuit of perfection

Military Technology and American Culture

Victor Davis Hanson on our character, our weapons, and our role in the world

Liberty, Privacy, and DNA Databases

Christine Rosen on the uses and dangers of genetic fingerprints

The Paradox of Conservative Bioethics

Yuval Levin on taboos, democracy, and the politics of biology

Bioethics and the Character of Human Life

Gilbert Meilaender on mortality, freedom, suffering, and the generations

The Future of Medical Technology

Scott Gottlieb on how the marriage of biology and silicon is transforming medicine

Artificial Intelligence and Human Nature

Charles T. Rubin on the project to make human beings extinct

The Rise and Fall of Sociobiology

Peter A. Lawler on the age’s three great illusions about human nature


Is Cyberspace Secure?

An interview with cybersecurity czar Howard Schmidt

An interview with “cybersecurity czar” Howard A. Schmidt

State of the Art

Fertility Gone Mad

Pregnancy After Menopause, IVF Birth defects, & More

Bill Gates, the Prince

The Muddled Microsoft Case and Stone-Age Antitrust Laws

Mapping the Mind

Our New Techniques for Scanning the Psyche

HapMap—Revolution or Hype?

The Controversy Surrounding the Next Gene-Mapping Project

Satellites at Risk

The Next Homeland Security Challenge May Be in Space

Are We Ready for Terror?

The Latest Hart-Rudman Report and What It Missed

Oh, Behave!

Britain’s Nuffield Council Weighs in on Behavioral Genetics

Home is Where the Robot is

Vacuum Cleaners, Security Guards, and Old-Age Companions

Chinese Bioethics?

“Voluntary” Eugenics and the Prospects for Reform

The Dust Bites Another One

From Michael Crichton’s Prey to the Department of Nanotechnology

The Animal in Us

The Latest Advances in Xenotransplantation

‘Lift Your Eyes to the Heavens’

President Bush’s remarks on the loss of the space shuttle Columbia

Notes & Briefs

Nuclear Fusion, Censoring Science, Hyper-Healthcare, etc.

Looking Ahead

Biotechnology by the Numbers

Looking Back

The Double Helix at Fifty