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Number 11 ~ Winter 2006


The Age of Neuroelectronics

Adam Keiper on neural implants, brain-machine interfaces, and cyborg fantasies

The Trouble with the Turing Test

Mark Halpern on the fallacy of thinking computers

The Rhetoric of Extinction

Charles T. Rubin reviews four recent books on transhumanism

Are We Worthy of Our Kitchens?

Christine Rosen on expensive appliances and modern families

Who Owns the Genome?

Misha Angrist and Robert M. Cook-Deegan on intellectual property and genomics


The Rise of Guerrilla Media

Glenn Reynolds on blogs, Big Media, and the future of journalism

State of the Art

Human Cloning and Scientific Corruption

The South Korea Scandal and the Future of the Stem Cell Debate

The U.N.’s Net Gambit

Internationalizing Internet Governance

The $100 Laptop

A Flawed Plan to “Save the World”

Morals and the Mind

Michael Gazzaniga’s Ethical Brain

‘No Nation Can Afford to Ignore This Threat’

America Prepares for Avian Flu

Notes & Briefs

Science Education, Wikipedia’s Accuracy, Mozart’s Skull, etc.

Looking Ahead

TV is Dead, Long Live TV

Looking Back

Discovering Pluto