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Number 12 ~ Spring 2006


Visions of the Future; The Turing Test


Biotechnology and the Spirit of Capitalism

Eric Cohen on the new commerce of the body

The Promise and Perils of Synthetic Biology

Jonathan B. Tucker and Raymond A. Zilinskas on regulating designer microbes

The Mislabeled Child

Brock L. Eide and Fernette F. Eide on the failure of kindergarten neurochemistry

The Many Casualties of Cloning

Richard M. Doerflinger on the lessons of the South Korean fraud

Reviews and Reconsiderations

The God Meme

Charles T. Rubin on Daniel Dennett’s unconvincing theory

Jules Verne: Father of Science Fiction?

John Derbyshire on Verne’s lesser-known works

Polio Stories

Philip J. Overby on the meaning of a forgotten epidemic

The Age of Female Computers

David Skinner on the burdens of pre-machine mathematics

A Clone’s Lament

James Bowman on life as a useful pre-cadaver

State of the Art

Censoring Scientists?

Lessons of the James Hansen Affair

Stem Cell Spin

The Bush Policy and Its Unreasonable Critics

Stuck with the Old, In with the New

NASA’s Budgetary Balancing Act

Addicted to Bad Data

Getting the Facts Straight on Ethanol

Apocalypse Averted

The BlackBerry Settlement and Patent Reform

‘Predators Are Becoming More Sophisticated’

Pornographers and Pedophiles Online

Looking Ahead

Drowning Polar Bears

Looking Back

The Jungle at 100