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Number 13 ~ Summer 2006




Shop Class as Soulcraft

Matthew B. Crawford makes a case for the manual trades

Gifts of the Body

Gilbert Meilaender on organs, markets, and the ethics of transplantation

The Self-Portrait of a Scientist

Christine Rosen on wonder, mastery, and fame in scientific memoir

A Third Way on Network Neutrality

Robert D. Atkinson and Philip J. Weiser on the battle over broadband

The First Fourteen Days of Human Life

Patrick Lee and Robert P. George on the biology of the early embryo

The Myth of Thomas Szasz

Jeffrey Oliver on the legacy of psychiatry’s forgotten critic

Reviews and Reconsiderations

The Methanol Alternative

Robert Zubrin on how to alleviate our energy problems

Medicine Without Limits

Daniel P. Sulmasy on therapy, enhancement, and sophistry

Babies for Sale

Cheryl Miller on buying and selling our offspring

On the Shelf

Quick Takes on The Father of Surgery, Box Boats, Cloning and the Law, etc.

State of the Art

China’s Phony Science

Exposing Corruption, Plagiarism, and Fraud

Rethinking Peer Review

How the Internet is Changing Science Journals


Computer Theft Puts Veterans’ Data at Risk

Sexist Science?

A “She Said, He Said” About Discrimination in the Lab

‘Stumbling into a Powerful Technology’

Baroness Greenfield on New Media and Young Minds

Notes & Briefs

Sex Selection, Chernobyl, Bottled Water, etc.

Looking Ahead

Stop the Pop

Looking Back

The Stem Cell President