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Number 14 ~ Fall 2006


The Beginning of Life; An Unbalanced Diagnosis; The Enhancement Wars; Three Cheers for Craftsmanship


The Paradox of Military Technology

Max Boot on American power and American vulnerability

The Moral Challenge of Modern Science

Yuval Levin on politics, ethics, and the scientific worldview

Commerce of the Body

The Case for Kidney Markets

Benjamin Hippen on how to solve the kidney shortage

Is the Body Property?

Peter Augustine Lawler on rights, dignity, and organ sales

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Beyond the Right to Life

Wilfred M. McClay on the “Party of Death”

The Agony of Atomic Genius

Algis Valiunas on the tragedy of J. Robert Oppenheimer

Cloning’s Apologist

Caitrin Nicol on Ian Wilmut’s defense of research cloning

C. S. Lewis Goes to the Laboratory

Thomas W. Merrill on the science and faith of Francis Collins

State of the Art

Too Speculative?

Getting Serious About Nuclear Terrorism

Henry Sokolski

The Dotcomrade

The Many Faces of Online Friendship

Brian Boyd

The Touchy-Feely Laboratory

The Latest Angst About Women in Science

Christine Rosen

Space Deals

The Coming of the New Space Industry

Rand Simberg


The Effort to Thwart the Climate Change Debate

Iain Murray

Techno-Horror in Hollywood

Japanese Anxieties, American Style

Sonny Bunch


Rush Holt on Science, Technology, and Congress

Notes & Briefs

Healthier People, Sicker Oceans, Electronic Books, etc.

Looking Ahead

400 Million Americans

Looking Back

The Last Breath of Thomas Edison