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Number 15 ~ Winter 2007


Principle, Prudence, and the “Party of Death”


The Hydrogen Hoax

Robert Zubrin on energy charlatans and the politicians who love them

In Whose Image Shall We Die?

Eric Cohen on living well and dying well

The Language of Nature

Steve Talbott on how science drains meaning from experience

The Scientific Mind of Ben Franklin

Jerry Weinberger on America’s first Baconian

Reviews and Reconsiderations

The Red Plague

Cheryl Miller on how China bungled SARS

Psychiatry’s Healer

Philip J. Overby on the medical humanism of Paul McHugh

Our Childless Dystopia

James Bowman on P. D. James’s The Children of Men, as novel and film

Immortality Lite

Ross Douthat on the sublime and the foolish in Darren Aronofsky’s The Fountain

Theory Wars, Again

Matthew B. Crawford on reason and relativism in the academy

State of the Art

Sucker-Me Elmo

What Children Learn from Their Robo-Toys

Christine Rosen

The Electoral Politics of Stem Cells

Democratic Myths of 2006, GOP Realities of 2008

Yuval Levin

Cloning Down Under

An Australian Reversal on Embryo Research

Michael Casey

Dead Body Porn

The Grotesqueries of the “Body World” Exhibit

Thomas S. Hibbs

Back to the Moon, To Stay?

NASA’s Plans for a Lunar Base

Jeff Foust

Bioethics and The Public Interest

A Journal’s Lasting Legacy

Looking Ahead

Windows Whimpers

Looking Back

Sterile Thinking