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Number 16 ~ Spring 2007


Rethinking the Hydrogen Economy


China’s Space Ambitions—And Ours

Jeff Kueter on the Chinese threat to American space assets and what to do about it

The Right to Life and Human Dignity

Leon R. Kass on Thomas Hobbes as a teacher of dignity

Brave New World at 75

Caitrin Nicol on reading Aldous Huxley’s novel as its first readers did

Nanoethics as a Discipline?

Adam Keiper on the proliferation of professional nanotechnology criticism

Reviews and Reconsiderations

What’s Ailing Health Care?

James C. Capretta on markets, medicine, and the limits of government

The Half-Bound World

John Derbyshire reviews Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle

The Greening of Capitalism

Nick Schulz on environmentalism as corporate exhibitionism

The Problem with Plagiarism

Jeremy Lott on the timeless drama of the copycat

Political Pseudoscience

Matthew B. Crawford on why political science is not physics

State of the Art

Reforming NIH

Lessons from a Decade of Missed Opportunities

Yuval Levin

Energy Incrementalism

A Good (But Not Great) Alternative Fuel Policy

Stephanie Cohen

Seeing and Believing

TV Dramas Show Two Sides of Surveillance Tech

Peter Suderman

What Lies Within

New Views of Nascent Life

Christine Rosen

Digilante Justice

Citizenship in Cyberspace

Ruth Martin

‘A Critical Part of the Solution’

Al Gore and the Nuclear Debate

Notes & Briefs

Sonofusion, Burnt Sponges, Smelling Technosexual, etc.

Looking Ahead

The HPV Vaccine Debate

Looking Back

The Human Checkmate