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Number 18 ~ Fall 2007


Achieving Energy Victory

Robert Zubrin on how to win the war on terror by breaking free of oil

Ghosts in the Evolutionary Machinery

Steve Talbott on digital organisms and disembodied science

A Half-Century in Space

The Conquest of Space and the Stature of Man

Hannah Arendt on scientists, common sense, and man’s limitations

Nature, Man, and Common Sense

Patrick J. Deneen

Science and Totalitarianism

Rita Koganzon

Thumos in Space

Charles T. Rubin

Chariots in the Sky

Stephen Bertman

Our Proud Human Future

Peter Augustine Lawler

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Launching the Space Age

James E. Oberg on the dramatic story of Sputnik

The New Pioneers

Rand Simberg on the burgeoning private space industry

The Evangelical Ecologist

S.M. Hutchens on E. O. Wilson’s Earth-piety

The Painless Peace of Twilight Sleep

Cheryl Miller on an overlooked Edith Wharton gem

State of the Art

Shot in the Dark

Autism and the Vaccines Controversy

Caitrin Nicol

Science Warrior

Hillary Clinton Leaves the Facts Behind

Yuval Levin


Commerce, Community, and Crime on Craigslist

Christine Rosen

Cardís Game

The Unfortunate Decline of Orson Scott Card

Peter Suderman

ĎAmericans Will Not Like Ití

Michael Griffin on the Global Space Economy

Notes & Briefs

Blackwater Fallout, Caves on Mars, Missing Mass, etc.

Looking Ahead

First Ripples of the Silver Tsunami

Looking Back

The Heartbeat Heard Round the World