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Number 19 ~ Winter 2008


John McCain and the Stem Cell Debate


The Logic of Science; Biodiversity and the Bible


Science and the Left

Yuval Levin on the past and future of the “party of science”

Neuroimaging and Capital Punishment

O. Carter Snead on brain scans and the conflicted aspirations of neuroscience

The Limits of Neuro-Talk

Matthew B. Crawford on the dangers of a mindless brain science

Blogging Infertility

Cheryl Miller on the lively and fractious community of “infertiles”

Reviews and Reconsiderations

Masters and Possessors of Nature

Thomas W. Merrill reads Descartes’ Discourse on Method

Shop Till You Drop?

Jeremy Lott on suburbs, bomb shelters, and bottled water

Sick and Famous

Christy Hall Robinson on celebrity patients as advocates

State of the Art

The Clipboard of the Future

Why Health Care Records Are So Low-Tech

James C. Capretta

Till Malfunction Do Us Part

Predictions of Robotic Intimacy

Caitrin Nicol

The Moral Life of Cubicles

The Utopian Origins of Dilbert’s Workspace

David Franz

‘The Steroids Era’

George Mitchell on Drugs in Baseball

Notes & Briefs

Green Collars, Plastic Bags, MySpace Gangsters, etc.

Looking Ahead

Adapting to Climate Change

Looking Back

Loose Nukes at Home